Coming May 19, 2018 to Weill Hall at Carnegie Hall, New York City

June 9, 2017

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Coming May 19, 2018 to Weill Hall at Carnegie Hall, New York City

Ovidiu Marinescu, cello, and Anna Kislitsyna, piano
will perform my cello sonata
brought to you by Parma Recordings
This piece appears on my 2015 album
Time, Still
on the Navona label 
From American Record Guide
(July-August 2015)
Mark Lehman

Best, and most substantial, is Babcock’s three-movement, 18-minute cello sonata (subtitled Imagined/Remembered). The first movement pits long, singing cello lines against happily scampering piano figures, later reversing roles as the cello scampers and the piano sings. The second is a slow, measured elegy and shows Babcock at his darkest and most searching, the cello’s troubled ruminations punctuated by the piano’s slowly treading low notes and arch-like arpeggios. 

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